Sewage and Waste Water Treatment Systems

Solid Waste Treatment Systems

  • Sewage Treatment System
  • Effluent Treatment System
  • Aerobic Waste Water Treatment system/Sewage and Industrial/
  • Anaerobic Treatment system/Sewage and Industrial/
  • Packaged/Containerized/ sewage and waste water treatment systems
  • MBBR/Moving Bed Bio-Reactor/
  • MBR/Membrane Bio-Reactor/
  • SBR/sequence Batch Reactor/
  • Advanced Oxidation System
  • Waste Recycling systems
  • Odor Control and troubleshooting


  • Containerized/Compact Sewage Treatment system for hotels, hospitals, camps and other application areas with minimum foot print area requirement.
  • Advanced waste water treatment system for attaining better treated water quality and waste water recycle