Water Treatment Systems

Water Treatment and Purification Systems

  • Reverse Osmosis system
  • Nano Filtration System
  • Ultra Filtration System
  • Micro Filtration Systems
  • Water Softening
  • Water De-mineralization
  • Pressure sand Filtration and carbon Filtration
  • Standard Water Purification Systems/House Hold and Commercial/
  • Municipality Water Treatment
  • Water Chemical Dosing
  • Water bottling and packaging
  • Water Disinfection




  • The above specified treatment options used to deliver high quality water outputs for drinking, hotel applications, water boilers &heaters, Industrial feed, Hospitals and others.
  • Treated water protects equipments and pipelines from being clogged and minimizes frequent damage and save unnecessary maintenance costs.
  • There are variety of technologies to be selected with minimum investment cost options maintaining efficiency and reliability.
  • Various technologies can be proposed based on the type source, level of physical-chemical and biological contamination, end user point, easy operation, less investment and operation cost and others.
  • Utilization of Surface water/River, lake/ through majorly physical and biological treatment methods and minor chemical treatment through softening process.
  • Utilization of Underground water through chemical treatment/Softening, RO/ and minor physical and biological treatment.
  • Utilization of high TDS municipality water through hardness removal.
  • Implementation of Treatment plant enables the client meet world class 4th and 5th star hotel certificationsby assuring that the treated water meets WHO standard.
  • Containerized Water Treatment Systems